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Passionate Being is dedicated to helping you (and me) be more passionate and happy in everyday life. We are all passionate beings, guided on the surface by pleasure and pain. But it is only when we are really passionate about what we’re doing that we come alive.


Being passionate does not happen by chance. It is a state of mind as much as a way of doing. You can choose to be passionate and to live a life always filled with passion. Even if you work at a job you hate, you can still be passionate about your connections with your colleagues, as you can be mindful and present, and give all of your being to the instant.Most of the time, only what we really love brings us to a state of passion, but craving for this rare drug is not the only way. On this blog, we will explore the ways to be more passionate with what we love, but also how to find and deal with all the resistance that is preventing us from fully engaging.
We’ll explore both what is in front of us and what’s hidden in the back of our minds.
Sometimes you might think you can’t be passionate and indulge in what’s important for you because of financial, relationship or work problems. This is often a front to hide fears, mostly the fear of failure that is most prevalent when what you do is actually meaningful for you. It is perfectly understandable, but isn’t it better to try something important and fail do a than meaningless task and succeed?
There is the safe way, and the passionate way.

What happens to HazelMind?

The blog is now here, but the relaxation and concentration helpers and still there. Also, don’t forget to grab the free relaxation sample if you haven’t already. There are new products in the pipeline, but I’ll tell you more when they get closer to release.


In the next couple of days I will start a new challenge that will hopefully benefits you as much as it benefits me. If you’d like to put more passion in your life, stay tuned.

I hope you enjoy your stay on Passionate Being, and don’t forget to subscribe.