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Upgrade your Life with Game-Changing Coaching

It always seems impossible until it’s done. — Nelson Mandela

Hey there!

If you landed on this page, I’m going to bet you have great dreams.

Dreams of an awesome life, doing what you want everyday, with an abundance of friends, money and opportunities to help the world.

You’ve probably tested as many personal or business development tools as you could, and they helped to get you closer to your dreams, maybe they even helped to mend the wounds (who doesn’t have a few?) and prepare the future.

But sometimes it’s lonely.

You have friends, of course, though they don’t share the same vision. Your goals are not their goals. To be fair, they listen to you and they want you to succeed, as much as you want them to succeed, but still, you don’t expect them to be able to give you the support, insights and help you wish for to achieve your goals.

So, for lack of a better way, you go by yourself, making use of some help along the road, and you move forward. Sometimes after a while you get stuck, so you slow down, take a sidestep, get unstuck, and start moving again.

I know, I’ve been there. It’s a game most of us have been playing forever.

It’s a game you could continue to play.

But wouldn’t it be easier to have someone else to support you in reaching your goals?

It would not only make the experience easier, but also more enjoyable.

How would it feel if you could get

  • huge insights on your situation,
  • committed support to achieve your goals,
  • new ways to see your situation in every areas of your life,
  • no judgements,
  • no criticisms,
  • and help to get you farther on your path, faster ?

Do you absolutely need someone who could give you that?

No, definitely not.

But maybe you would want someone like that?

If you wish to change the game you’re playing, and if you are ready to get deep into your core beliefs, change your behaviors and situation in order to get into the big league, read on.

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. — Jim Rohn

You can continue as you’ve been doing, but that means keeping the status quo. You can listen to your friends, but, no offense to them, are they as talented as they think in the domains you care about most? If not, maybe it’s time for someone else to step in.

Someone skilled and listening from the outside, with no stake in your situation, will always be able to provide better support than someone in the inside.

Go farther

The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. — Albert Ellis

Put aside your current thoughts and dreams for a moment.

Now, take a look at the past couple years of your life.

From there, can you extrapolate where you are actually going?

Is that where you want to go? Or would you like to go somewhere else?

Would you like to go farther? Would you like to accomplish more?

Then you need to change who you are being, so you can change what you are doing, and what you are getting.

Go deeper

I want to help you go deeper, inspect all limiting beliefs you may have about who you are and what you can accomplish, so you can shatter them and reach further.

If you think « I’m not good enough », or « I’m never going to be able to achieve that, so I’m not going to even try », can you honestly say that these thoughts are not limiting you everyday, in every single one of your actions?

What reason could be good enough for you to limit yourself?

We all create beliefs in our early life, as we get to design a model of how the world works.

I say « design », because « how the world works » is always a personal interpretation given one’s experience, never the absolute truth.

So we build our view of the world, and of us into that world.

But we can change it.

We change every second of every day, whether we want it or not (none of the particules of your body were there just a few years ago!).

That means we can change our beliefs and go past our self-imposed limits, whatever they are.

“But it’s true! I am [insert self-limiting adjective here]”

It’s not because something has been true for you in the past that it is actually true.

But even if it is… does believing it help you reach your goals in any way?

Who would you be if you didn’t have this belief?

Life, reinvented

When I was a teenager I used to have bad headaches almost everyday, stress was high, depression was almost a constant, and western medicine didn’t seem to be able to help.

Since I decided I wasn’t going to suffer all my life, I started looking elsewhere: alternative medicines, different ways of seeing the world and my condition. I did my best to try to understand the role of stress in our lives, but also who we were, why we were here and in the end how everything fit together.

I heavily invested in personal development in one way or another for probably a decade (and counting), retooling my view of myself and of the world multiple times. I’ve read many books, attended my fair share of workshops, trainings, consulted with different advisers, teachers, healers and then started to combine all the techniques into my unique set that I use everyday to build the life I want.

Now when someone presents me with a business or life situation, I perceive the mechanics involved, and I instinctively see the blocks and resistance that are preventing them from reaching their goals.

I reach deep into something or someone, cutting through the BS to get to the core, identify one or more blocks and offer ways to shift them, allowing more energy to flow on the path to their goals.

Over the years, as I was pseudo-coaching people around me, I’ve been often asked why I didn’t offer professional coaching services. Indeed I had considered it many times, almost started a couple of times, but there was always something that didn’t feel right.

Then I realized I could drop what I thought coaching was and offer what I thought coaching should be for me and my clients.

I didn’t have to do like everybody else. I didn’t want to do and be like everybody else.

Everyone of us is unique and has unique skills, desires and goals.

Yes, you too.

You don’t have to be and act like everybody else. Not your parents, not your neighbor, not your friends, and not your significant other.

You are unique. And you have unique aspirations.

In a coaching relationship, my sole and unique objective is to help you be who you truly are and achieve your deepest goals.

I’m not here to be friends, and you’re not here to vent and feel sorry for yourself. We are here to progress towards your dreams.

You don’t need to know how to proceed, you don’t even need to know where you want to be eventually.

If you want to reach a new world, the only requirement for coaching to work is the will to do what is possible to get there.

Our chief want in life is to find someone who will make us do what we can. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

I demand from my coaching clients to go deeper than they have ever been, in order to start building their future right now. And in exchange I give them all I have to help them make their dreams a reality.

Sounds difficult?

You bet it is.

My goal isn’t to make your path easier, it’s to help you go farther than you thought you could go.

The fact that the road might be easier is only a side-effect.

How about changing your world?

I’m looking for people who are tired of being slaves to their past and present circumstances, people who are ready to go deep and rework their inner mind to change their outer circumstances.

More importantly, I am looking for people who have decided they were gonna change the(ir) world, whether they already know how to or not.

So what now?

I’m offering to take you through a powerful game-changing experience with me.

Personal, business, health, relationship, we’ll explore everything that calls for some upgrading.

I call it the State of The Game session :

  1. You choose “State of the Game” on the calendar below, then choose a time for an appointment (for a one-time 90-minute chunk so we have enough room)
  2. I’ll send you an email with some questions to prepare for the session
  3. At the appointment time, we get on Skype to talk (if possible with video)
  4. We take a look at the State of The Game for you:  your current situation, desires and goals.
  5. We go deep into your beliefs and their causes and we tinker with them (AKA we change your reality)
  6. Then we upgrade your game: we set powerful goals for you, depending on what you want to achieve.

Then, you move forward with a renewed sense of purpose, and a new game plan.

If you think you might want ongoing support, we explore our options.

If you don’t, you are on your way, no nagging, no heavy sales pitch.

There is no catch.

And it’s free.

But it’s not without investment. You need to :

  • Be ready to take a candid look at your current life
  • Decide to go as deep as needed to discover what you truly want and what is hindering your progress
  • Be honest, always, especially when it’s difficult
  • Act on the steps we agreed upon

I will guide you every step of the way, but I will not walk the path for you. It is your path.

Sounds like something you’d like in order to change your life?

If you want to go deep, upgrade your game, play in a bigger league, it’s simple:


 Talk to you soon!

Sylvain, your Game-Changing Coach



How much does it cost?

The State of The Game session is my gift to you. Meaning, you don’t pay anything, at least not financially.

What I’m going to ask of you is the will to go deep, explore and shake your core if needed. I will give you my best, and in exchange you will bring your best.

I’m offering this session for free because I want you to experience how powerful it is to have a coaching session with me.

If you feel like you’d like ongoing coaching, we’ll talk about it. And if you don’t, when the time is right, I know you will refer me to someone who would benefit from coaching.

I expect maybe 1 in 10 person to actually decide to get ongoing coaching afterwards, so even if you don’t want ongoing coaching, don’t worry about it and schedule your State of The Game session now. At the very least we’ll have a pleasant conversation and you’ll get miles ahead on your goals.

How long is it gonna take?

We will discuss for most likely about 90 minutes, but it could be 60 or even extend to two hours.

You’ll tell me about your situation and your goals, and I’ll help you reframe your beliefs in a way that is serving you and figure out goals that will pull you forward.

If that’s enough (and in most case, it will be), you’ll be on your way, and I’ll be on mine.

Are you going to sell me something?

First, we’ll talk, and I’ll do my best to bring you as much value as I can.

Then, if you feel you’d like some ongoing coaching to help you upgrade your game and reach your goals, and if I feel that we are a good fit for each other, we will talk about our options (depending on your desires and my availabilities).

What about ongoing coaching?

First, the free State of The Game session, then if we feel like we both want to continue, we will talk about it. It’s not for everyone, and it’s not cheap.

I only have about 5 slots available at any given moment.

You have to be really committed and it needs to be the right time for both of us.

But if all the conditions are met, it’ll be a hell of a ride.