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Improve your life with EFT sessions

Are you tired of being stressed?

Do you wish there was a way to reduce your stress, remove your fears, get quicker to your goals, and simply feel better?

Let’s talk about EFT

EFT (or “Tapping”) means Emotional Freedom Techniques. It is a method melting psychology with acupuncture points, that allows you to quickly and efficiently release traumas, patterns, fears and limiting beliefs.

EFT shuts down the stress response, clears emotional attachments to a situation or event, and just makes you feel better.

No needles, no drugs, you just use your fingers to tap on certain points of your body while you work on an issue.

You can do EFT by yourself (there are lots of tutorials online), but when you’re starting, tackling a big issue or simply want some help, it is wise to be guided by an EFT practitioner.


I trained in EFT during live workshops, but also with the works of Dawson Church (EFT Manual), Nick Ortner (The Tapping Solution), Margaret Lynch (7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation, Tapping into Wealth, Rockstars on a Mission) and I combined these to build my own method, using Law of Attraction principles as well as my own gift to breakdown problems and cut through the BS.

Now, I offer you my expertise and my own vision built on 15 years of personal growth practices to help you resolve your issues with EFT.

Sessions happen via Skype, if possible with video, usually last about 1 hour and cost $100 each (+ 20% VAT for European Union clients)

Schedule a session (in French or English) now!

Money-back guarantee: if for some reason you are not 100% happy with your first session, you have 30 days to ask for a refund. I am sure you will like it, but I want to make it no-risk for you.

High-end coaching program: If you are ready to make a stronger commitment to reengineer your life to get to the next level, take a look at my high-end coaching program.