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About Passionate Being

Passionate Being motto is “live your passions and transform the world”.

If you’re an entrepreneur, want to love what you do and have a huge vision to change the world, this site is for you.

But you don’t have to have your own company to benefit from the articles. We are all CEOs of our lives.

If you are passionate about what you’re doing, or want to be, read on.
Being Passionate does not happen by chance. It is a state of mind as much as a way of doing. You can choose to be passionate and to live a life always filled with passion. Even if you work at a job you hate, you can still be passionate about your connections with your colleagues, as you can be mindful and present, and give all of your being to the instant.

Most of the time, only what we really love brings us to a state of passion, but craving for this rare drug is not the only way. On Passionate Being, we explore the ways to be more passionate with what we love, but also how to find and deal with all the resistance that is preventing us from fully engaging.

We look at what is in front of us, but also at what’s hidden in the back of our minds or in the depths of our souls.

Some times it’s great, and some times it can painful.

There is the safe way, and the passionate way.

Me at Yosemite National Park (June 2010)

My name is Sylvain OBEGI, and I’m your host at Passionate Being.

I was schooled as a computer engineer, but I trained in the world of personal development.

We are beings of emotions and passions. I believe we are here to learn and enjoy life, and to create in this great playground we call life. Unfortunately along the way, we burden ourselves with unnecessary struggles.

I aim to make you feel more, live more and experience more, to be present in the good days, and the bad days, because there is always something to learn.

I like to make good use of my limited time so I care about efficiency. Honesty is one of my core value and I can smell bullsh*t a mile away.

I hope you’ll enjoy your time on Passionate Being, don’t hesitate to send me a message, and if you want some support to go farther, faster, take a look at my coaching page.