Give up

When was the last time you decided it was ok to give up?

Not your dreams, not who you are.

But anything and everything else.

Whatever does not serve you, that you keep because you feel constrained or obliged to.

Your painful relationships, your resentment, the need for power, the pressure to earn and buy more.
Being “a nice person”, doing what you do because it’s what you always did, the labels you mistake for who you are.
The goals forced upon you by your parents, your peers, your friends, your spouse.
The need to please and to conform to what the society expects and wants from you.

Don’t wait until you retire, or until you get that next promotion. Don’t ever wait for permission.
You don’t need an excuse, you don’t need “one last thing” before you can be free.

Choose to be who you want to be. Simply accept to be who you really are.

Give up everything else.

6 Responses to Give up

  1. I absolutely love the simple way you put it. Too many people try to complicate a simple process as stated by Sylvain, “Stay true to yourself, the rest doesn’t matter.” Simple but so profound.

    We simplified our lives over 5 years ago when we became full-time RVers, traveling and working across the country. We sold everything life told us we needed to survive, the 4 bedroom-2 car garage home and set out to live our dream lifestyle. We didn’t wait till we retired…we didn’t wait to hit the lottery…we didn’t wait for security…we instead jumped out here and there are times we barely make it but those times are getting fewer because we do not need as much as we thought we have in the past.

    Simply put, we are living the dream on a wing and a prayer and loving every mile.

    • Thank you for your kind words Kimberly :).
      We all get caught up and accumulate things over the years, mental or physical things that don’t or shouldn’t belong to us.
      It seems what you did was as extreme as it could be, unless you want to live in a cave. Though it must have been very hard to get out of the “normal way” of doing things. Congratulations!
      I’m sure you’re much happier now that you’re really conscious about what you keep in your life, and what you keep out.

  2. A short and inspiring post. This is something we must remind oursleves every single day for small and big things. It’a way to allow space for new things to happen into our lives too.

    Thanks Sylvain

    • Thank you Stephane, for stopping by and for your comment. I appreciate it.
      It’s definitely not easy, especially in our time with all the stuff coming our way to be conscious and avoid what doesn’t matter.
      And yes, you are right, it is definitely important to give up what isn’t right in order create space for new things that are.

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