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If you want to improve your life, you might be interested in the products I’ve developed at HazelMind, or in other products I like. Check them out below.

HazelMind Tranquility and BrainBoost

These products use special sounds developed to reduce your stress and improve your focus. If you want to be more effective in what you’re doing, you should check out the free sample of Tranquility.

Tools for bloggers

SEO Copywriting Made Simple

I use and recommend Scribe to improve the SEO of your posts. Marketing aside, it’s a great way to know how your articles are being viewed by search engine, and to help you make sure you’re touching the right audience.

Headway Themes — Is Your Website Making Headway?

This is the WordPress theme I use for Passionate Being, if you have a blog, check it out, the visual editor is amazing.