It’s all in your hands

Wait .. Don´t go !!

Quitting the job you hate.

Pursuing the love of your life.

Putting your health before habits and social convention.

Complaining that your life isn’t what you wish…

or accepting it as it is right now, then moving forward on the road.

You might believe you can’t do “it” because of your spouse, your boss, the government, because you lack a skill, or courage, or because you’re too old (or too young). But in the end, every second you believe that lie, you’re choosing to not do what you’re meant to do, you’re choosing to not be who you’re meant to be, you’re choosing to let fear dictate your actions.

But it’s not because you’ve done that in the past that you’re doomed to doing it again and again until the end of time. Any second you breathe, you can choose to think differently, to act boldly and to feel mighty. Maybe one second from now your whole life will change. Maybe the next second it’ll be like before. But each instant you spend being more than you were is that much power given to your true self to shine.

Whatever you think and do, remember it’s all in your hands. Which choice are you going to make?

3 Responses to It’s all in your hands

  1. Agree with this 100%
    I’m in college and am excited I’ve begun realizing the power of focus and passion as soon as I have. It’s sad that I, and many others, have waisted so much of our life’s living undesired ‘dispositions’… Realizing that we really are capable of doing anything we set our minds to has empowered me. In a short time I’ve already begun to see it take it’s positive affects. I feel as if I’m a kid in a candy store and the candy store is life. Lol. Now it’s only a matter of picking which candy tastes the best 😛
    I hope and have faith that others will realize that we really are all capable of anything. A simple change in perspective of what we view as possible, paired with the belief we can do it, is all we need before achieving everything we’ve ever wanted.

  2. I totally needed to hear this! It can be hard to live life with enthusiasm and passion every day, but it marks each day of our progression. Sometimes I have to keep in mind to just pursue, endure, and repeat. You’re right, we do choose the choices we live with; I guess it’s a matter of filling our empty pages with all the dreams we have ever dreamt for our future-days of accomplishments, adventure, love, and happiness. Thanks for this inspiring post!

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